Mallinckrodt Baker

Mallinckrodt Baker is a manufacturer of high purity chemicals, related products and services sold
under two well-known and respected brand names – J.T. Baker® and Mallinckrodt® Chemicals.
These products are widely used in research and quality control laboratories, microelectronics,
environmental testing laboratories and universities and for manufacturing in the pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and other industrial markets. Based in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, Mallinckrodt Baker is
part of Covidien.

Mallinckrodt Baker B.V. is pleased to confirm that Infortellence executed on our request a compelling
market research started in August 2008 and finalized in October 2008 to our complete satisfaction.
After defining the scope of the research area Infortellence provided Mallinckrodt Baker with a clear
plan of approach. This consisted out of the following steps:

- First screening of the available information and market data
- Desk research, list with available market studies
- Determining selection in co-operation with Mallinckrodt Baker
- Analyze & select key market players
- In depth analysis of market information and possible other criteria
- Segment analysis and investigation of company profiles
- Report

During the investigation Infortellence showed excellent data research skills, using traditional and nontraditional market sources. Infortellence showed initiative, creativity and commitment in realizing a
complex international market study.

Infortellence was able to deliver an extensive, comprehensive report that meets the expectations of
the company and gave Mallinckrodt Baker the necessary information in order to take the next steps.
Mallinckrodt Baker would be happy to recommend and use Infortellence for any future market studies.


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