Products and Services

Core activities

As a company we strive to keep our focus on the customer, so we concern ourselves mostly with so-called core activities.

These core activities are:
  1. Information scan, search and advise

    Is the deadline approaching? Already spent hours fruitlessly "googling" on the internet? Then InfoScan is the solution. Infortellence has access to a wealth of sources and the necessary experience to find the answer to your question in (international) databases. And this saves you of time and money!

    is meant for short, reasonably structured informational questions, for which the answers cannot simply be found on the internet.

    Personal contact
    If you call us or send us a message, we will deliver an answer as soon as possible. For complex questions more research will be needed, we will discuss this with you in a personal conversation from the intake till the delivery. Are you not yet a customer? Then try out a one-time InfoScan without any obligations, for certainty about the right decision and let us save your time.

  2. Projects and concepts

    In short, "ProConcept"

    With ProConcept, Infortellence goes beyond the plain facts.
    Once the facts are known, an assessment will be made of the presence of (macro) environmental influences, which might have to be taken into consideration to portray an accurate view of these facts.

    Often this concept will be able to give you answers for strategic and operational questions withing your company. As you will understand, with the ProConcept approach a thorough analysis of the facts is required. This leads to a different approach, necessitating more interaction between you and Infortellence.

    Infortellence has the facilities to quickly deliver in-depth information supporting your questions for the essential decisions on operational and strategic level.

    Discretion, facts, separation of main points and side issues, and flexibility are core points of the Infortellence company. Some examples one could think of for ProConcept are listed below.

    • Market research
    • Although market research has become simpler because of the increase in relatively user friendly online databases and the availability of the internet, it remains a considerable challenge. Our market research quickly, and for a reasonable investment, provide insight in:
      • Segmentation
      • Products and services
      • Size
      • Market leaders
      • Trends and developments
      • Growth perspectives
      • Key value drivers
      • Opportunities and threats

    • Company profile
    • Know your competitors, suppliers or customers. This is possible as a one-time report or on a periodical basis. A company profile consists of the following topics:

      • Organisation, Management
      • Products, Services
      • Financial figures, Investments
      • R&D, Patents
      • Marketing, Price, Products, Promotions

    • Acquisition search
    • The failure of mergers and takeovers usually is a costly issue with far-reaching consequences. Various research has shown that poor preparation is to blame for this.
      Infortellence supports the management with:
      • Industry analysis, determining value drivers.
      • Supporting the determination of the acquisition profile.
      • Compiling a list of candidates (longlist).
      • Selection of candidates matching the criteria (shortlist).
      • Creating company profiles of targets.
      • Gathering financial figures for the value determination.

      Infortellence continually screens the market for potential buyers or sellers.

    • Technology innovations
    • More information soon, apologies for the inconvenience.

    • Patent search
    • More information soon, apologies for the inconvenience.

    • Product Innovations
    • Keep track of the latest product developments in your market. Ensure that you won"t be surprised by a new product from your competitor! Infortellence can periodically screen the market and keep you informed of the latest worldwide product launches.

      The switch from the laboratory to the market is not a simple one and often fails. Infortellence provides support for a first market and product analysis in an early stage. Even if no samples are available yet.

      Delivers the necessary market insights by:
      • Conducting in-depth interviews with potential customers.
      • Assessing whether there are patent-related impediments.
      • Researching law and legislation applying to the products.

    Send us an e-mail and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your wishes and if so desired, offer a quotation.

  3. Information distribution through the internet portal

    With Infortellence's portal website, you can access your documents from any location. Each customer has access to a personal folder, where reports and documents produced by Infortellence for the customer can be downloaded.

Your advantages summarized

  • Savings on cost by filtering excess information, so you are able to focus on your own product.
  • By filtering on relevance, you are able to handle the information more efficiently.
  • By creating a search profile of your interest area, you can approach your target group more selectively.
  • Savings on time and the certainty that you have all information you need to approach your target group in your hands on time.
  • We can always inform you about the latest news with a newsletter or a mailing.
  • Quickly and conveniently keep up to date with the hottest news.
  • Be involved in the the latest trends in our industry.


  • Step one: we will identify the information needs relevant for your firm.
  • Step two: we proceed with the search process and find the information which would be relevant to your organisation.
  • Step three: we will process this information into useful concrete valuable digestible information for your company.
  • This approach can be supported with an in-depth analysis based on the B.I. process.