About Newsfoody

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Newsfoody is a search engine tailored to the food industry. It gathers all the relevant news from a variety of sources and provides it to you. Now you do not need to surf all over the web, hunt for newsfeeds, or subscribe to a jungle of newsletters anymore! With Newsfoody, you can have all the news you need via a single point of access. This can save you considerable time and effort. Even more so if you make use of Profiles: this enables you to save queries that you are often interested in, and view the results with just a click of the mouse. No more hassle typing long, complex queries over and over again. You can even mark one of your profiles as default, and see all the latest news items matching this profile when you visit the Latest News page.

Query expansion

Additionally, Newsfoody can assist you with finding the right words for your queries. It uses an advanced database with a vocabulary of terms from the food industry - this is called an ontology. When you search, you can choose to let the system automatically expand your queries with related terms from this vocabulary. This way, you can obtain more results! Hint: synonyms and narrower terms are usually good to expand your query. Broader terms and related terms tend to give you a lot of matches - some of which may not be as relevant. Use these terms sparingly. They can be useful if, for example, you do not know exactly what terms you are interested in, and want to see what relevant terms exist in the food industry domain.


With Newsfoody, it is possible to search only within news about a certain region, or about a certain type of food. If you select a category from the "News by region" or "News by food type" drop down menus, only articles from the selected categories will be displayed in your search results. You can also combine the region and food type categories; for example if you want to view news about dairy in Asia.

Options for finetuning your query

When searching with Newsfoody, you can use the following options:

  • You can use AND, OR, NOT operators to refine your search (e.g. Apples AND Oranges.) Phrases are also possible with double quotes: ("food industry news").
  • By default, search uses OR behavior. I.e. documents that match any of your search terms will be displayed. (Apples OR Oranges is equal to Apples Oranges.)
  • Wildcards are supported: use * to match multiple characters, and ? for a single character.
  • When using the ontology-based search, terms found from the food ontology (a database that contains words and their relations) will be added to your query, to find more results.
  • It is recommended to disable ontology search when using wildcards. While this is possible, there will likely be a large amount of non-relevant results.

Visitors are welcomed to use Newsfoody, but to access all its powerful features like profiles and unlimited results, you will need to register an account with Infortellence. With this account comes a free full-access 14-day Newsfoody trial. After this, Infortellence asks for a small one-time administrative fee to continue using Newsfoody's full features. Your account will always remain, and of course you will always keep access to Newsfoody's basic functionality.

If you have any other questions about the Newsfoody search engine, please contact Infortellence.